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Beaver Scouts (age 5-7)


  • Beaver Scout Promise:

I promise to love God and help take care of the world.


  • Beaver Scout Law:

A Beaver has fun, works hard and helps family and friends


  • Beaver Scout Motto:

Sharing, Sharing, Sharing


Fun and friendship are the cornerstones of the Beaver Scouts program. Beaver Scouts experience diverse activities and a world of new adventures. Through nature walks, short hikes, camps, games, crafts and family events, Beaver Scouts gain valuable social skills while making new friends along the way. From camping to hiking and games galore, Beaver Scouts develop a respect for nature and others while exploring the world around them.


Program Areas include:

  • Active and Healthy Living
  • Beliefs and Values
  • Creative Expression
  • Citizenship
  • Outdoors
  • Leadership




Beaver Scouts gather in Lodges, which are small groups of six to eight Beaver Scouts of various ages. Each Lodge is made up of a mixture of White Tails, Blue Tails and Brown Tails (first, second and third-year Beaver Scouts), as well as a mixture of those who are experienced Beaver Scouts and those who are new to Beaver Scouting. Each Lodge decides its own name and symbol.

  • Several Lodges come together to form a Colony.
  • The place where the Colony meets is called a Pond.
  • Children who participate in the Colony are known as Beaver Scouts.
  • Volunteers are known as Scouters and are given Friends of the Forest names.
  • Sometimes the Colony divides into Tail Groups. A Tail Group is made up of youth from the same age or grade.
  • Kindergarten Beaver Scouts are Brown Tails (age 5 by Dec. 31st).
  • Grade One Beaver Scouts are Blue Tails.
  • Grade Two Beaver Scouts are White Tails.